SUPPORi Malaysia

SUPPORi Malaysia is brought to you exclusively by Unison CA. SUPPORi is an innovative baby carrier coming from Japan. It overcomes problems of conventional carriers – compact to carry, simple to use, fit to you and your baby. It is suitable to wear year round - does not retain heat and has a triple plied thread which offers firm and safe support. SUPPORi also eliminates traditional baby-wearing injuries like stiff shoulder, and other weight induced stress.



3 steps

Wear the sling, place your baby in and strap your baby comfy. Your baby straddles the side of your body. To ensure comfort and safety, make sure that the SUPPORi covers your shoulder and your baby's back and hips.


Comfort to Shoulders

Some conventional carriers and slings rest on the delicate trapezius muscles which is not as strong and can damage a lot of delicate blood vessels in the area. Wearers of other conventional carriers may suffer from sore backs and stiff necks.


Air Permeability

Conventional baby carriers are not very permeable. As such, when baby gets sweaty, it can be a very uncomfortable. In extreme conditions, the lack of permeability can cause heat rashes. SUPPORi's whole mesh structure avoids this condition.


C- Curve

SUPPORi supports the C Curve of the baby’s spine. One of the best features of SUPPORi is its elasticity. When you carry your baby SUPPORi, the net fits snug, maintaining baby’s C curve.



Baby legs are flexed, the hip joints sit securely in the socket. Maintains the orthopedically ideal position of the legs – M Shape.


Spinal Benefits

The strain on the spine when a correctly fitted sling is being used is a significant improvement over holding the child without the sling. The spine suffers significantly less torsion and asymmetrical loading.


Ultra Light

Overloaded with nappy bags and bulky baby gear? Take the pram but your baby wants to be carried? At only 80 grams, the SUPPORi weighs less than an iPhone 4!


Colourful Variations

SUPPORi is also available in a variety of trendy colors, sure to satisfy many tastes and preferences. Choose the colour of your choice as there are plenty of variations. SUPPORi uses ultra-durable yarn which is used in automotive vehicle applications.


International Multi-Award Winner for Baby Slings

Good Design Award

Japan 2010

Described as the most prestigious award for new product design

Organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), the Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design. SUPPORi won the Good Design Award in 2010. SUPPORi was the only baby carrier recognized for its design that year. SUPPORi has lots of superior points which overcomes conventional baby carriers' problems- "Easy to use", "Compact", "Molds around baby and parents' shape”

Parent Tested Parent Approved Award

North America 2011

Recognition of design and benefits to baby

What makes the PTPA Media Award so special is the fact that winners are rated by consumers; manufacturers submit their products and services for evaluation by over 40,000 volunteer parent testers. We are really honored to keep getting awards like this, and this truly inspires us to provide you with more high-quality baby carriers. Many thanks to the consumers who voted for our SUPPORi baby carrier, and made this award for us possible.

Naissance Award

France 2011

Chosen amongst hundreds of entries

On July 2011, at “Playtime Paris”— the international exhibit dedicated to the world of children — the SUPPORi baby sling won the Naissance Award. Milk, a top-rated French children’s fashion magazine, selects award winners from hundreds of international brands attending the exhibit. Only 8 awards are presented in different categories, ranging from exquisite décor to delightful toys. “Le Prix Naissance,” which roughly translates as The Birth Award, was presented to Lucky for the SUPPORi baby sling, as “the accessory that will delight baby.”

Mum's Choice Award

North America 2012

Reviewed and chosen by parents, intended customers and industry experts and profesionals

SUPPORi baby sling, a popular product from acclaimed baby carrier manufacturer Lucky Baby, have recently been awarded the prestigious Mom's Choice Award in the category of gear and accessories, totes, diaper bags, and slings.

Creative Child Magazine Gold Seal

USA 2012

TOP CHOICE OF THE YEAR AWARD for Baby Slings category

Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by parents, educators, and professionals. Products are not reviewed by any one person. They are reviewed by many people — the very people who purchase them.

Reader's Choice Award


BEST Baby Slings category

Made for superb comfort and agility, SUPPORi effectively eliminates traditional baby-wearing discomforts like stiff shoulder, sore back and other weight induced stress to a parent’s body. It is conveniently compact, easy to use and is capable of ensuring the best fit for baby and parent. SUPPORi is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 80 grams and is the lightest baby carrier around. It is one of the best carriers for our hot and humid climate for it does not retain heat, plus its triple plied thread offers firm and safe support. SUPPORi comes in many trendy colors to satisfy all tastes and preferences.

Suppori Vibrant Colours

Fashion and baby wearing are taken up a notch with the Suppori Sling in colours of your choice.




Butter Cream


Tangerine Orange

RM 189

Ruby Red


Bright Blue

RM 189

Neon Pink


Light Lavender Blue




Midnight Black


Cocoa Brown


Light Olive Green


Caramel Pink



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